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Ready Made Tours around Tibet

Adventure Tour around Tibet

Adventure ItineraryAdventure Tour around TibetAdventure Tour around Tibet

Looking to get off the beaten track? This is the trip for you. Travel to hidden valleys on horseback to soak in secluded medicinal hot springs, meet nomadic Tibetan families, and travel to remote monasteries. You will experience the magic and beauty of the Tibetan wilderness on this trip.

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Culture Tour around Tibet

Culture ItineraryCulture Tour around TibetCulture Tour around Tibet

The culture itinerary provides an authentic cultural experience. Drink yak-butter tea while watching traditional Kham dancers. Visit secluded monasteries and nunneries hidden in deep mountain valleys. Along the way meet the people and immerse yourself in the culture of the Tibetan Plateau.

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Leisure Tour around Tibet

Leisure ItineraryLeisure Tour around TibetLeisure Tour around Tibet

This itinerary offers a higher level of comfort, while still providing an overview of Tibetan coulture. The accommodations are comfortable and the food delicious. Visit major monasteries, Thangka artists, and nomadic herders. This tour provides an authentic Tibetan experience, at a relaxed pace.

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