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Adventure Itinerary

Looking to get off the beaten track? This is the trip for you. Travel to hidden valleys on horseback to soak in secluded medicinal hot springs, meet nomadic Tibetan families, and travel to remote monasteries. You will experience the magic and beauty of the Tibetan wilderness on this trip.

The adventure trip begins
in Jyekundo (Yushu), Qinghai Province, where your guide and driver will pick you up from the airport. Depending on the arrival time of your flight you will have time to explore the area surrounding your hotel.

The first day
of your trip will provide an introduction to a variety of cultural elements in the Jyekundo area to help familiarize you with the culture of the local area. You will be visiting:
  • The Gyanak Mani stone pile is composed of at least 2 billion hand-carved prayer stones. Considered one of the holiest sites in Kham, you will be surrounded by pilgrims and locals alike. An optional activity is to carve your own Mani stone with the help of a local artisan.
  • Visit the Dondrubling Monastery, which is perched high up on a hill overlooking Jyekundo. Originally an ancient Bon (the Bon religion predates Buddhism) Temple, it is now home to 400 monks of the Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Trip to the caterpillar fungus (cordyceps sinensis) market. Travel to this bustling market to witness the unique and secret wheelings and dealings of the cordyceps trade.
  • Visit the monument to the 2010 Yushu earthquake. A solemn and stark reminder of the adversity that the local residents have had to overcome.

The second day
will see you visiting the Leba Valley to swim in a hot spring that has been developed into a swimming pool. After a relaxing swim in the pool, you will go to Nampa Nangze (Princess Wenchang Temple). Nampa Nangze was constructed to honor the Chinese princess who married the Tibetan King Songsten Gampo. King Songsten Gampo is credited as the first person to bring Buddhism to Tibetans.

The third day
sees you leaving Jyekundo for Zeaku village where we will be having lunch with a local family. This is also the departure point for our horse trek. The trek is approximately 2.5 hrs. Be prepared for an experience that provides sweeping views of the rushing river below and soaring mountain peaks above. At the end of the ride relax in the medicinal hot springs, which are waiting to soothe your body.

The fourth day
we wake up for a soak in the hot springs before embarking on a day hike deeper into the valley to explore a glaciated cirque. On the return trip from the glacier we will have the opportunity to meet a Nomad family in their traditional black tent. Return to camp and enjoy another soak in the soothing waters of the hot spring.

The fifth day
we depart the hot springs campsite and return to Zeaku village for lunch. Today we depart for Xiao Surmang. The campsite for the evening is in a nomad grassland area.

The sixth day
provides an opportunity to become acquainted with our Nomad hosts. This will be an opportunity to observe and be a part of daily nomadic life.

The seventh day
we depart the campsite for Nangchen. On the way to Nangchen we will stop at the picturesque Gading Monastery. This monastery is set in a photogenic riverine valley high up on a hillside in a deep bend in the river. The next stop will be the Namgyaltse Monastery. This monastery dates from the 15th century, and is home to 300 monks. A definite highlight of this monastery is the relatively new assembly hall, which has been compared to a cathedral in its size.

On the eighth day
we will be exploring Nangchen County, which is home to 40 Monasteries. They journey begins with a visit to the Bami Monastery. This is the monastery where the actor Jet Li entered the monastic order. We will travel to a farm that produces salt using traditional manufacturing techniques. After the salt farm we travel to the Gar Monastery. Located at the head of a deep V-shaped valley, this photogenic monastery is perched high up on steep cliffs. Tonight we will be returning to the hotel in Nangchen.

The ninth day
begins by travelling to the Jamar Mani stone pile. This picturesque Mani Stone pile overlooks a scenic bend in the Chi-chu River. You will have a chance to explore the surrounding hills and the town of Wehukha. After lunch we depart for the Gechak Nunnery. In order to reach it we need to cross three 4,000 m passes. The Gechak Nunnery is the largest nunnery in the prefecture, and is home to 400 nuns. Tonight we will be camping near the nunnery.

The tenth day
we travel to the Dana Monastery to see King Gesar's Thirty Warrior Stupa. The monastery is located between two mountains, which resemble two horse ears. Tonight we will be camping near the monastery.

The eleventh day
encompasses a day hike up a local mountain to a hot spring for a relaxing soak, in your own individual sized pool. Return to monastery to camp for the evening.

The twelfth day
sees you return to Nangchen. We will be staying in a hotel tonight.

The thirteenth day
we go to Ning Je Lake. The activities today include visiting with local Nomad families and an optional hike around the perimeter of the lake. We will be camping near the lake tonight.

The fourteenth day
we travel to the Renbo Nature Reserve. The reserve will be a great place for some bird and wildlife photography and watching. A breeding ground for Black Necked Crane, it provides an opportunity to view these endangered birds in their natural habitat.

The fifteenth day
we will establish a campsite at the Zangnia Stupa. The Zangnia Stupa is one of the oldest Stupas in the Yushu Region. If possible we can stay with a local farming family. The Stupa is located at the Yangtze River as such you will be able to visit the upper reaches of one of Asia's most important rivers.

The sixteenth day
we return to Jyekundo. You will have time to explore the area around the Hotel in Jyekundo. You have the option of exploring on your own or taking the time to relax.

The seventeenth day
you leave Jyekundo via pre-arranged transportation. Bon Voyage!